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The ECHR condemns France for the management of its police file

After having questioned the French system for the conservation of fingerprints (ECHR, 18 Apr 2013, n° 19522/09 MK c France: JCP G 2013, Act 576), the ECHR draws a similar conclusion for STIC files (offence processing system files). The plaintiff was the subject of a complaint following an argument with his girlfriend but the procedure was discontinued. As he had been registered in the STIC file, he asked the public prosecutor to erase his data. This was refused on the ground that the drop of charges did not result from the absence of an offence or from an insufficiently characterized offence.

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Thierry Granturco est avocat aux Barreaux de Paris et de Bruxelles, spécialiste de droit du sport. Il est actif dans le milieu du football professionnel depuis plus de 20 ans après avoir lui-même joué à haut niveau à l'Olympique Lyonnais (OL).

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