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Agreed working time in France in road intercity transport

A bus driver, recruited in 2003 resigned in 2005. He accuses his employer of multiple breaches: non- payment of all hours, of a thirteenth month, of a crew bonus, meal vouchers… the dispute is subject to an interim order, challenged on appeal. The matter is also addressed on the merits …

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Cancellation of public aids to public transport in Denmark

The Tribunal of the European Union has partially cancelled the decision rendered by the European Commission of 24 February 2010 pertaining to State Aid provided to certain public transportation services in Denmark between 2000 and 2004 because it was founded on the Regulation (EC) No. 1370/2007 while it is not …

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Public personnel transport by motorcycle or motorized tricycle: complementary penalty contrary to the Constitution

A priority constitutional question has been brought before the constitutional Council (Cass. Crim., 19 March 2013) relative to articles L. 3123-1, L. 3123-2 and L. 3124-9 of the transportation code. These provisions concern the activity of public transportation by private persons involving motorized vehicles with two or three wheels. On …

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Drivers dressing time in public transport

Counterparties are due to employees for dressing time if work attire is required and they must dress and undress in the workplace under legal, regulatory, conventional requirements or under an employment contract. The judgement given here together with the plenary strengthens the case initiated by judgement in chambers March 26, …

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