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Thierry Granturco

Thierry Granturco est avocat aux Barreaux de Paris et de Bruxelles, spécialiste de droit du sport. Il est actif dans le milieu du football professionnel depuis plus de 20 ans après avoir lui-même joué à haut niveau à l'Olympique Lyonnais (OL).

Working time in the field of road transport, some precisions in France

The decision here is simple. Too simple not to hide an interest or a legal problem. An employee, truck driver « short distances », refuses to execute the mission given by his employer. He considers it too long and against social regulation. The employer finds another driver to perform the task and …

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Which objective criteria to qualify a contract of carriage ?

The distinction between a contract of carriage and contract freight forwarding is a recurring issue. Beyond the practical issues the court noted that, far from being a matter of specialists, transport law is based on the fundamental principles of contract law. A sender charges the Calberson Company with an international …

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What can be wrong in a contract for transportation of beef ?

The dispute before the French State Council, opposing the successful bidder of a European market for the provision of transport of agricultural products from France to the Russian Federation to the national intervention agency about ending the holdback of the guarantee fund made by the contractor, raises a question of …

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Rules of CMR competence : the state of the jurisprudence

International conventions relating to the contract of carriage are characterized by their vocation to govern all disputes arising from these contracts. And most of them have, in addition to substantive rules concerning the obligations of the parties to the contract of carriage, special rules of jurisdiction. This is particularly the …

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The role of CMR reserves in transport contracts

A shipper complaining about refusal and non-delivery of certain goods to several customers in Luxembourg and Spain to address his claims to his carrier in the form of invoices. The latter refuses to pay, but in return demands payment of the price of the services he had performed. He won …

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The responsibility of the transport operator in the case of theft of goods

Theft of goods in transit and its effects on the carrier’s liability still occupies an important place in the courtroom. The stakes are high: either the carrier is exonerated from liability because the theft is seen as a case of force majeure, if this is not the case, it will …

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Misconduct of drivers and liability

Guilty of serious misconduct the driver who, having loaded the goods, returned home, where a third party he was putting up steals the vehicle and the goods using a duplicate key he had made whilst borrowing the vehicle. Misconduct which is defined as gross negligence demonstrating the inability of the …

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